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Terms of Reference of the Davis Tax Committee


Reports by the Davis Tax Committee:

  1. Macro Analysis First Interim Report
  2. Macro Analysis Final Report
  3. SME First Interim Report
  4. SME Final Report
  5. Estate Duty First Interim Report
  6. Estate Duty Final Report
  7. Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) First Interim Report:
  8. The Introductory Report; Action 1 - Digital Economy; Action 2 - Hybrid Mismatches; Action 5 - Harmful Tax Practices; Action 6 - Treaty Abuse; Action 8 - Transfer Pricing of Intangibles; Action 13 - Transfer Pricing Documentation; Action 15 - Mutilateral Instrument; Summary of Recommendations on the OECD September 2014 Deliverables
  9. Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Final Report (replaces first report)
  10. VAT First Interim Report
  11. VAT Final Report (replaces First Interim Report)
  12. Hard-rock Mining First Interim Report:
  13. Hard-rock Mining Final Report (replaces first report)
  14. Oil and Gas Report (coupled with IMF report for the DTC)
  15. Carbon Tax Report
  16. Funding Tertiary Education in South Africa
  17. Financing a National Health Insurance for South Africa
  18. Tax Administration
  19. Corporate Income Tax (with note and article)
  20. Public Benefit Organisations
  21. Wealth Tax (NB letter to Business Day Editor published on 18 April 2018)

Other work by the Davis Tax Committee:

Closing Report of the Davis Tax Committee



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