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About Us

The Committee’s objective is to assess South Africa’s tax policy framework and its role in supporting the objectives of inclusive growth, employment, development and fiscal sustainability.

Judge Dennis Davis will chair the Committee. The other members are:

1. Professor Annet Oguttu
2. Professor Matthew Lester
3. Professor Ingrid Woolard
4. Dr. Nara Monkam
5. Dr. Tania Ajam
6. Professor Nirupa Padia
7. Professor Deborah Tickle (appointed on 17 July 2015)
8. Professor Thabo Legwaila (appointed on 17 July 2015)

A National Treasury official and a South African Revenue Service (SARS) official will be ex-officio members, providing technical support and advice to the Committee. In addition, a team comprising National Treasury and SARS officials will provide secretarial support to the Committee. SARS will provide office accommodation and logistical support to the Committee.

For the members’ biographies, click here.

Our Terms of Reference (TOR).


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